At the end of forgotten memories.

Four video performances, four chapters.

In this project I am researching and inventing rituals that help you to let go.

Nostalgia for things that are breaking down right now and will never be the same again. Nor were they the same as in your childish naive memories. Such as things that you have not been able to say goodbye to or things that you did not want to say goodbye to. They always stay in you in a way, but not in the physical world. Rituals that can give you a chance to break free from emotional situations from your life. An end.

The beginning of goodbyes and the grieving process. Bringing the mourning to a physical action into the desire to get rid of it. With this comes the end of the physical existence of your memories.


Video installation.

This work was created while researching the nature of inner fear. Fear that doesn’t let you speak out. Fear of being judged and punished for your thoughts.

Influenced by such fear people put themselves in a protective mind prison. It is terrible when you can’t share what’s on your mind because of the government and society. It is even more destructive when you can’t tell what you think to yourself.

Self-censorship is the worst kind of censorship, it’s a way to betray yourself, your beliefs and visions. It is losing a fight before it started, giving up before trying, surrendering to your fears.

Self-censorship is a way of lying to yourself, telling to yourself that nothing is going on, that you don’t want any change and that you are actually comfortable and untouchable while hanging in there.